Walking in Pigalle

Some ideas for walking in this well-known Paris neighborhood

Renowned for its nighttime folies, the Pigalle district is nevertheless a must-see for tourists visiting Paris. Most places, even the hidden ones, can be visited on foot in this neighborhood spanning into the 9th and 18th arrondissements.

From the Boulevard de Clichy to the Boulevard de Rochechouart, here are some walking tours to live Pigalle.

A short visit to the Cité du Midi

Between sex shops, cafes and bars, along the Boulevard de Clichy, a small cul-de-sac cuts through the heart of the Pigalle district. The Cité du Midi is a quiet little area in one of the most lively and noisy parts of Paris, at 48 Boulevard de Clichy.

A short visit of five to ten minutes awaits you at the ancient baths of Pigalle. Experience a trip back in time to learn that in those days, people did not bathe in their own homes. You will no doubt enjoy taking some nice pictures in the Cité du Midi.

The stop in front of the church of Notre Dame de Lorette

With its architecture resembling a Roman temple, the church of Notre Dame de Lorette is a nod to the Paris of yesteryear, and is named after the Italian city of Loreto. Built in 1823, the church is classified as a historical monument and is therefore officially counted among the most celebrated monuments of Paris. It was at this church that the famous impressionist painter Claude Monet was baptized. The Pigalle district has, in fact, inspired many French artists.

Accessible by bus or metro from Notre Dame de Lorette metro station (line 12), the church is a short distance from the Grande Synagogue de Paris, and is a cultural walk that will keep you busy for at least an hour, if you visit the interior of the buildings.

Enjoy a coffee at Place Pigalle

Now let’s take a little break at Place Pigalle, the most well-known spot in the area, just steps away from the Butte Montmartre. Place Pigalle is a must-see in Paris.

Built in 1789, just a few months before the start of the French Revolution, this area served as a meeting place for painters. Here, you will find the Folies Pigalle, the famous cabaret that today is a night club. If you wish to pause for a bit in Pigalle, you can enjoy a coffee at Place Pigalle.

Walking in Pigalle

Though the neighborhood is known for its cabarets, theaters, sex shops, and other night spots, Pigalle is still a very nice place to enjoy walking in Paris.

To visit Pigalle and take a walk, you can get there by bus from our yellow line by getting off at stop #51 Moulin Rouge, 59 Boulevard de Clichy, thus avoiding the crowds in the metro. This will also give you an opportunity to enjoy the nearby monuments. Our bus tour pass allows you to get on and off as you wish, so you can enjoy a tour of Paris at your own pace.