Nights out in République and Oberkampf district

We’ve already done a general guide to nights out in the Latin Quarter. Of course, it goes without saying that there are also other places you can go to enjoy an evening out in Paris. Today, we’re taking a look at Oberkampf and République, which as well as being one of Paris’s liveliest areas is particularly well-known for its various bars.

So get ready to discover what you can expect to find in the evenings in and around Oberkampf and République.

An aperitif by the Canal Saint-Martin

The famous Canal Saint-Martin has become one of the essential places to go for an early evening aperitif in Paris. If you tend to prefer nights out with friends or family, an aperitif by Canal Saint-Martin is highly recommended. Friendly, convivial and typically Parisian in atmosphere, the canal attracts thousands of people each evening, who come here to share a glass with friends or enjoy a picnic.

Canal Saint-Martin is therefore a good place to make a stop at before heading on to explore the bars around République and Oberkampf. To reach Canal Saint-Martin, simply get off the bus at the République stop then walk the remaining few hundred yards. We recommend taking our red line service to the stop opposite Boulevard Saint-Martin (République – N°32).

Chic & trendy bars around République and Oberkampf

These districts in Paris’s 10th and 11th arrondissements are two of the capital’s best-known and most popular areas. What lends them their distinctive character is the way they manage to blend the city’s typical everyday aspects with its chic, trendy side.

In other words, the République and Oberkampf districts are multicultural areas. And It is this very plurality that makes these areas so charming. If you happen to find yourself heading down Avenue de la République, which links the République and Oberkampf districts, be sure to stop off at some of the popular and well-known bars located at the northern end of this broad avenue, which are both atypical of the capital and well worth visiting.

You can begin by walking up Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud and stopping off at the UFO bar and L’Alimentation Générale, which both serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at reasonable prices — not something you find every day in Paris!

If it’s music you’re looking for, head back down the street to Rue Oberkampf, where you’ll find Nouveau Casino, a concert venue that also doubles as a nightclub when not hosting live music. Adjoining it is Café Charbon, a popular, well-known and atypical brasserie dating from 1900 and which opens from 10:00 am through till 4:00 am in the morning.

You can use our special night pass to organize your night out in Paris: Paris by Night Pass. You won’t be disappointed with the nightlife on offer in the République and Oberkampf districts. That’s something you can be certain of!