Discover Paris with a City Helper !

Paris Helpline’s City Helpers are at your fingertips, anytime and on the go, to answer all your questions and address all your needs !

Instantly get in touch with a City Helper – via calls or chat messages, straight through the Paris Helpline mobile app – to ask him anything !

Your City Helpler is on call to provide you with personalized information and assistance, in real time, in your own language, whenever and wherever you need it.

You City Helper will, among other things…
– explain you the ins and outs of the city and give you all the practical information you need
– advise you on activities and things to do based on your tastes and interests
– recommend you places and events to attend during your stay
– book museum passes or shows tickets for you
– help you get around the city and send you a cab (if you need that)
– make a restaurant reservation for you
– help you find a babysitter for the night
– and so many much more.

He is the parisian friend you’ve always dreamed of ! He acts as your angel guardian, makes sure you avoid tourists traps and other faux-pas and does everything in his power to make your experience of Paris as smooth and extraordinary as possible. Just so you can enjoy the City in the way Parisians do !

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Paris Helpline’s app is available on the App store and the Google Play Store. You can also subscribe to the service on their website :